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GPX track sharing website. Still in preliminary development stage.

The alpha version of the website is accessible here:

Hyperlapse GPX

After discovering Hyperlapse, I wanted the same system reading track data from GPX file.

The alpha version of the website is accessible here:

Takohi Games

Mobile application and games for Android and Windows Phone development.

In cooperation with Jonathan Odul.

Visit the website


New interface for using computer by gestures. We employed Microsoft Kinect device for implementation.

See video

Simatome project

Project developed for simulating chemical reactions using efficient collision theory in chemistry. Usage of Java for the interface and the simulator and OCaml for parsing the input file describing chemical reactions.

On SourceForge

Pong in flash

Replica of Atari's Pong in ActionScript 3. Done in few hours for discovering ActionScript 3 programming.

Safoto Service

Created in 2007, it enables the company to sell them photographs online and modify the website using a back office.

Visit the website (in French)